Sliding tarpaulin bodies


The original can be prepared for loading with a single push, and is patented, certified and has even received awards; a stable investment that demonstrates decades of success and a convincing quality... More information

SafeServer 2in1

Our "unique" SafeServer 2in1 system consists of two proven body systems and delivers innovations just where they are needed. The attractive alternative to our standard SafeServer system when mainly lo.. More information


Our "classic" CurtainSafer meets both specific and individual customer requirements. Already proven in practice more than thousand times, our CurtainSafer convinces time and time again with its qualit.. More information

SafeServer C+

Our "compact" SafeServer C+ is compatible with a variety of chassis, swap containers and load types; it can be pushed over the load easily and fully without taking up any additional space. Multi-fu.. More information
Note: 3D visualisations, e.g. half open
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Overview of our body systems