Special vehicles


...another innovative, patented swing wall body system from ORTEN that convinces with its modular design with bolted components. Our ORTEN TopLiner body system employs a linkage rod for opening and cl.. More information

TopLiner light

We have drastically reduced the weight of our proven TopLiner swing wall system without having to relinquish the proven kinematics and design elements from our TopLiner. On the TopLiner Light, we have.. More information


Our HYBRID all-aluminium roller shutter body is manufactured by ORTEN in cooperation with BDW Technologies (formerly Alcoa) in Hungary. The entire body including substructure and interior is made of a.. More information


Our GastroLiner can be used anywhere where a fork lift truck is not available or cannot be used. Brilliantly novel about this development are the two compartments that can be lowered to the ground fro.. More information

Large volume semi-trailer

Our optimised, triple-cranked, hydraulically opening ORTEN Auto Step Star semi-trailer will soon be bringing relief to the roads in Germany. 56 PET empty pallets can be transported in one trip. The sp.. More information

Automotive SafeServer

The automotive industry has special requirements when it comes to handling goods as quickly as possible and securing loads. The German automotive industry is world-class, not least because of its high.. More information


...a mobile front wall that promises 20%-time savings when loading and unloading! Our ORTEN SprintLoader was developed in collaboration with the leading brewery, Holsten Brauerei Hamburg, a subsidiary.. More information


Hydraulic, maintenance-free technology allows our electro-hydraulic Hub-o-mat system to open an entire side wall construction in no more than 10 seconds. The tarpaulin, which is locked using a central.. More information
Note: 3D visualisations, e.g. half open 
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Overview of our body systems

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