Automotive SafeServer
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Automotive SafeServer

The automotive industry has special requirements when it comes to handling goods as quickly as possible and securing loads. The German automotive industry is world-class, not least because of its high process optimisation.

In collaboration with the engineering company CLSI Leer, ORTEN Fahrzeugbau has developed 18 semi-trailers which we delivered to the automotive logistics company, L.I.T. Brake.

The special SafeServer semi-trailer showcased at the IAA 2012 is designed to hold a fully automatic load carrier. The load carrier can be pushed in and out of the trailer every 7 minutes using a picking carriage. The 18 semi-trailers were designed for the factory shuttle at the largest VW Group gearbox plant in Baunatal. The rear wall is comprised of a pneumatic roller door with a clear passage width of 2,480 mm between the rear corner posts. Our Safe Server technology has been enhanced in the development of these semi–trailers so that the gap between the vertical aluminium panels is reduced to zero when the body is closed and forms a smooth inner surface, as with a closed box body.

  • Fastest possible access to the load and removal of the requirement for slats/buckles/middle posts
  • Cargo control in compliance with the Daimler 9.5 Directive
  • Aluminium panels guided in ball-bearing trolleys for easy, smooth-running operation
  • 400 mm, hydro–pneumatic liftable roof design, with optional single or parallel lift possible