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Half the unloading time – no weightlifting

Our GastroLiner can be used anywhere where a fork lift truck is not available or cannot be used. Brilliantly novel about this development are the two compartments that can be lowered to the ground from the loading space. The baskets or compartments are positioned behind the front wall of the vehicle and swing out horizontally – individually controlled – on both sides of the vehicle. Lifting or lowering is completed in about 20 seconds. Comparative tests have shown a reduction in loading times of 46% compared to longitudinal platform lifts.

Up to 16 fully picked pallets can be loaded and unloaded in a very convenient and energy-saving manner in the electro-hydraulically grounded compartments. All you need is a regular pallet truck or even just a hand truck. A driver’s mate, who still frequently accompanies deliveries to pubs, is no longer need. This powerful economic aspect adds a weightier ergonomic: loading and unloading beer kegs and crates by hand, which is so strength-sapping, is done away with, whereas, with a conventional superstructure, as much as 9,000 kg of solid material and some 4,000 kg of empties need to be lifted by hand on each delivery round.

Proven-in-series "Made in Germany" technology used over many years based on the same principle tail lifts serves for lifting the compartments. A space requirement equal to some 300 mm of the loading length means that the loading capacity is not affected.

  • GastroLiner with hydraulically lowerable loading baskets (right and left)
  • Fast and secure loading and unloading by one single driver
  • Easy to operate with a safe working position at ground-level
  • Perfect vehicle for for making deliveries to self-service consumer beverage markets and catering operations
  • Complies with the load securing requirements according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL for beverages

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