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Our HYBRID all-aluminium roller shutter body is manufactured by ORTEN in cooperation with BDW Technologies (formerly Alcoa) in Hungary. The entire body including substructure and interior is made of aluminium. This is why we have named this fully recyclable superstructure, 'HYBRID'. With its rounded corners, the design shows off its classic American beverage body roots, which was originally developed by the market leader Mickey.

ORTEN offers a full range of HYBRID all-aluminium roller shutter body technologies for all types of HGV chassis. From a 4-pallet space on a 3.5 t van chassis for urban deliveries up to a 14-pallet space, we offer all versions. Our HYBRID is ideally suited for making deliveries to beverage consumer markets and catering businesses and for inner-city distribution.

The compartments, known as bays, are closed using sturdy roller shutters. A spring shaft facilitates easy opening and the bays can simply be pushed under the roof structure. The roller shutters are robust and durable and ball-bearing rollers smoothly guide them in their shafts. A central locking system for locking the shutters is located on the front wall on the right and left-hand sides.

A very popular version is the variant with a low bed between the axles, or in the rear space that facilitates loading heights of up to 500 mm for loading and unloading beverage products by hand. Our Hybrid aluminium roller shutter guarantees that your cargo remains secure, that you can access and transfer the goods speedily and that you can also access the load efficiently without impacting on the transport space.

The individual pallets are closed off by aluminium partitions both lengthways and sideways and, by doing so, create a positive connection for securing the load. Various climbing aids are available in the form of hinged aluminium steps or built-in side steps to facilitate making deliveries on route.

  • DEKRA-certified to VDI 2700ff and DIN EN 12642 Code XL for beverage and lattice box pallets
  • Vertical, DEKRA-certified load securing beams allow you to secure the load at the rear and also perform partial asymmetric loading
  • No lateral projection when the side walls are opened on both sides and no collision with the forklift mast
  • The special design of the upper wall facilitates loading heights of up to 2,500 mm, with a mere 800 mm high lower wall
  • Smooth-running, power-saving opening mechanism, even with maximum lengths of up to 10,000 mm without middle post
  • Individual fold-out well pallet spacers integrated in the upper wall allow the width of the loading area to be narrowed for GDB well pallets
  • Aluminium components and the use of finished components provide for durable corrosion resistance