Innovations that move!


...a mobile front wall that promises 20%-time savings when loading and unloading! Our ORTEN SprintLoader was developed in collaboration with the leading brewery, Holsten Brauerei Hamburg, a subsidiary of the Carlsberg Group Denmark.

The project that led to the development of our SprintLoader technology addressed the loading and unloading procedure for beverage pallets for transportation by fork–lift to optimise the handling speed.

Here, the front wall of the semi-trailer is designed so that it can be moved by about 90 mm to release the tight fit pallets for unloading. This significantly improves the unloading and subsequent loading process!

  • This development allows the truck turnaround time to be almost halved compared to the CurtainSider, saving 40% on opening and closing and 12% on the sliding front wall. This improvement in speed led us to christen the SafeServer with its sliding front wall the 'SprintLoader'.
  • Up to 27% in the travel distance can also be saved by combining forklifts, provided that the structure of the warehouse allows for this. Less travel means less fuel consumption and hence improved environmental protection.
  • Looking back at the introduction, each logistics manager should include the "SprintLoader" set screw in his planning considerations and wonder how much improvement it would bring to their organisation. It offers a potential that should not missed out on.
  • The SprintLoader also represents a big step forward in work safety for the driver, makes daily their work easier and fostering motivation through modern working methods.
  • The SprintLoader represents an ideal addition for companies already using a forklift guidance system, since it is immediately ready for loading again after the second lift.
  • The SprintLoader is not only used in the beverage industry, but everywhere where trucks are loaded and unloaded from the side.
  • One area that still has to be examined is using the SprintLoader for loading several partial loads, because it can considerably reduce high reloading costs when making deliveries of partial lots. The same applies to loading partial quantities in a brewery when the truck has already been loaded with other goods.
  • The sliding front wall is also available as a retrofit kit.
  • The sliding front wall can be moved 3 times, even without a tractor (compressed air).

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