TopLiner light
Innovations that move!

TopLiner light

We have drastically reduced the weight of our proven TopLiner swing wall system without having to relinquish the proven kinematics and design elements from our TopLiner. On the TopLiner Light, we have replaced the top, front and bottom elements with plastic honeycomb panels. Use of combined aluminium and honeycomb elementsin our TopLiner Light body technology, as well as a weight-optimised substructure construction results in a higher payload.

  • No lateral projection, even when the side walls are opened on both sides
  • The special design of the upper wall facilitates loading heights of up to 2,500 mm
  • Smooth-running, power-saving opening mechanism, even with maximum lengths of up to 10,000 mm without middle post
  • Durable, highly technology and corrosion-resistant components
  • Weight savings of around 1,200 kg for a beverage truck & trailer combination equipped with a central axle trailer compared to the conventional design
  • Weight savings of approx. 400 kg per superstructure unit