Moving innovations!


Swing wall opening on the roof

Our beverage body which has proven itself more than a thousand times is ready to load in seconds and is also certified; it represents a stable investment demonstrating decades of success and convincing quality.

Chain Pull

This robust, precision mechanism is capable of withstanding higher loads compared to conventional cable technology.

Hardly any roof overhang

Can be opened even when the height is restricted. The low base height provides for a low loading edge and offers a particularly large ground clearance.


The modular design offers options for individual configuration for the front and rear.


data sheet
 KettlinerSublinerSideLinerR.O.S. Liner
body type swing wall on the roofswing wall under the roofautomatic swing wallswing wall under the roof
beverage certificate
draught beer certificate
Xl certificate
roll container certificate  
ONP paper certificate        
chemistry certificate        
GS automotive industry Daimler certificate  
load dimensions (int.)        
lateral loading height (mm) 1.740 - 2.390
(a 50-line screen)
1.850, 1.950, 2.050
(a 100-line screen)
2.200 - 2.600
(without screen)
1.800, 1.950, 2.120
lenght (mm) 4.600 - 13.600
(without screen)
4.600 - 8.150
(without screen)
4.600 - 13.600
(without screen)
4.200 - 7.300
(ohne Raster)
width (mm) between side walls
(without pallet stop)
2.490 2.450 2.480 2.200 - 2.420
customised body length available  
class of vehicle        
truck (t) 7.5 - 26 7.5 - 26 12 - 26  12 - 26
centre axle trailer (t) 10.5 / 18 10.5 / 18 10.5 / 18  
turnable drawbar trailer (t) 10.5 / 18 10.5 / 18 10.5 / 18  
semi-trailer (m)
(above 8,2 with centre pillar)

(above 8,2 with centre pillar)

(above 10 with centre pillar)
swap body (mm) 7.150, 7.450, 7.820 7.150, 7.450, 7.820  
other versions KettLiner Classic      
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