Body systems for transport logistics


Swing wall bodies

Our beverage body which has proven itself more than a thousand times is ready to load in seconds and is also certified; it represents a stable investment demonstrating decades of success and convincing quality.

Chain Pull

This robust, precision mechanism is capable of withstanding higher loads compared to conventional cable technology.

Hardly any roof overhang

Can be opened even when the height is restricted. The low base height provides for a low loading edge and offers a particularly large ground clearance.


The modular design offers options for individual configuration for the front and rear.


Swing wall bodies

Our beverage body design has proven itself more than a thousand times, is ready to load in seconds and is also certified; it represents a stable investment with a decades-long success story behind it that convinces with its quality.

No roof overhang

Ideal for loading and unloading in spaces where barely any loading height is available. The upper side wall can be smoothly swung under the roof using a rope guide.

No middle post

The central spacing is eliminated on body lengths of up to 8,300 mm, so that the entire cargo space at the side is left free.

No high loading edge

The low base height provides for a low loading edge and hence an especially large ground clearance for convenient loading and unloading.


Swing wall bodies

Our fully automatic body for multifunctional use at the push of a button is ready to load in seconds and is also certified; it represents a stable investment that convinces with its quality.


Fast automatic opening and closing in just 10 seconds with automatic locking – without any additional locks.


Loading can still be performed easily even when there is little space, because, when swung onto the roof, the side wall only takes up about 520 mm of the transport space at the side – a low design version is also possible.


The use of lightweight panels achieves weight savings and increases the payload.

R.O.S. Liner

Swing wall bodies

Our RollOpenSystem (R.O.S.) is ready to load in seconds at the push of a button and is also certified.

Fully Automatic

The entire side panel opens or closes electro-hydraulically in just a few seconds at the touch of a button.

Full use and interior fittings (optional)

The loading space interior can be equipped with a cargo control system if desired that is tailored to your individual transport requirements and allows for the maximum use of the interior space.


Sliding tarpaulin bodies

The original can be prepared for loading with a single push, and is patented, certified and has even received awards; a stable investment that demonstrates decades of success and a convincing quality.

Safe: integrated cargo control system

The aluminium panels open to the exterior and do not collide with the load.

Quick: opens and closes in seconds

No slats, slides, flat straps or tension ratchet fasteners needed.

Sensational: sturdy and durable

Bolted modular portals, impact-resistant sliding rails, one-piece canted outer frame.

SafeServer 2in1

Sliding tarpaulin bodies

Our "unique" SafeServer 2in1 system consists of two proven body systems and delivers innovations just where they are needed. The attractive alternative to our standard SafeServer system when mainly loading on one side.

More cost-efficient

The combination of the two systems creates an attractive price advantage over our standard SafeServer system, especially for semi-trailers.


Reduced dead weight thanks to the one-sided CurtainSider design.

Absolute Genius

Little time is needed for loading and unloading on the side with sliding panels.


Sliding tarpaulin bodies

Our "classic" CurtainSafer meets both specific and individual customer requirements. Already proven in practice more than thousand times, our CurtainSafer convinces time and time again with its quality of finishing and reinforcement at the essential points.


Proven body system with more than a thousand customer testimonials.


In a nutshell, simply reinforced elements.


Modification possible according to customer wishes.

SafeServer C+

Sliding tarpaulin bodies

Our "compact" SafeServer C+ is compatible with a variety of chassis, swap containers and load types; it can be pushed over the load easily and fully without taking up any additional space.


Designed for semi-trailers, trucks, trailers and swap containers.


Full opening possible ‒ from the back to front or from the front to the back.

Minimum space requirement

Locking the body in place with minimal space requirement allows for a 40' container to be used.


Inner-city distribution

Our inner-city distribution system scores highly with its maximum payload and is ready to load in seconds and certified; a stable investment underlined by decades of experience and convincing quality.

Maximum Payload

The body weight is reduced by the maximum by the extreme lightweight construction with aluminium substructure in honeycomb design.

Maximum time savings

Just one middle wall closure means that the superstructure can be opened and closed in a jiffy.

City R.O.S.

Inner-city distribution

Our City RollOpenSystem (R.O.S.) represents the weight-optimised inner-city variant of our R.O.S. Liner. The body is equipped with a rollup tarpaulin which opens manually and rolls under the roof of the body.

Maximum Payload

This lightweight, rollup tarpaulin body reduces the vehicle's tare weight and optimises the payload.

Maximum load space

When the rollup tarpaulin is opened completely, the entire surface can be used for loading and unloading, even allowing large and bulky parts to be transported. Another advantage is that the tarpaulin does not take up any of the interior cargo space.


Inner-city distribution

Our CityServer represents the weight-optimised inner-city version of our SafeServer body. The CityServer is manufactured in lightweight aluminium construction.

Safe: integrated cargo control system

The aluminium panels are opened to the exterior and do not collide with the load.

Quick: opens and closes in seconds

No slats, slides, flat straps or tension ratchets needed.

Sensational: sturdy and durable

Bolted modular portals, impact-resistant sliding rails, one-piece canted outer frame.


Special vehicles

...another innovative, patented swing wall body system from ORTEN that convinces with its modular design with bolted components. Our ORTEN TopLiner body system employs a linkage rod for opening and closing that is located on the front wall. Here again, the lower side wall is pushed down after the two side wall fasteners have been opened, whereby the top wall swings upwards over a robust tooth segment and lies on the roof construction. Both sides can be opened and closed at the same time. The height of the ORTEN TopLiner’s lower wall is only 800 mm, which means that the lowest loading heights and maximum ground clearance are guaranteed when the lower wall is open.

  • Robust, patented swing wall body system
  • Both side walls can be opened and closed simultaneously
  • Smooth, energy-saving opening mechanism
  • No lateral projection when the side walls are opened on both sides – no collision with the forklift mast
  • Complies with load securing requirements according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL for beverages and also VDI 2700ff
  • Loading lengths from 4,500 mm to 13,600 mm
  • Lateral height up to a max. of 2,400 mm

TopLiner light

Special vehicles

We have drastically reduced the weight of our proven TopLiner swing wall system without having to relinquish the proven kinematics and design elements from our TopLiner. On the TopLiner Light, we have replaced the top, front and bottom elements with plastic honeycomb panels. Use of combined aluminium and honeycomb elementsin our TopLiner Light body technology, as well as a weight-optimised substructure construction results in a higher payload.

  • No lateral projection, even when the side walls are opened on both sides
  • The special design of the upper wall facilitates loading heights of up to 2,500 mm
  • Smooth-running, power-saving opening mechanism, even with maximum lengths of up to 10,000 mm without middle post
  • Durable, highly technology and corrosion-resistant components
  • Weight savings of around 1,200 kg for a beverage truck & trailer combination equipped with a central axle trailer compared to the conventional design
  • Weight savings of approx. 400 kg per superstructure unit


Special vehicles

Our HYBRID all-aluminium roller shutter body is manufactured by ORTEN in cooperation with BDW Technologies (formerly Alcoa) in Hungary. The entire body including substructure and interior is made of aluminium. This is why we have named this fully recyclable superstructure, 'HYBRID'. With its rounded corners, the design shows off its classic American beverage body roots, which was originally developed by the market leader Mickey.

ORTEN offers a full range of HYBRID all-aluminium roller shutter body technologies for all types of HGV chassis. From a 4-pallet space on a 3.5 t van chassis for urban deliveries up to a 14-pallet space, we offer all versions. Our HYBRID is ideally suited for making deliveries to beverage consumer markets and catering businesses and for inner-city distribution.

The compartments, known as bays, are closed using sturdy roller shutters. A spring shaft facilitates easy opening and the bays can simply be pushed under the roof structure. The roller shutters are robust and durable and ball-bearing rollers smoothly guide them in their shafts. A central locking system for locking the shutters is located on the front wall on the right and left-hand sides.

A very popular version is the variant with a low bed between the axles, or in the rear space that facilitates loading heights of up to 500 mm for loading and unloading beverage products by hand. Our Hybrid aluminium roller shutter guarantees that your cargo remains secure, that you can access and transfer the goods speedily and that you can also access the load efficiently without impacting on the transport space.

The individual pallets are closed off by aluminium partitions both lengthways and sideways and, by doing so, create a positive connection for securing the load. Various climbing aids are available in the form of hinged aluminium steps or built-in side steps to facilitate making deliveries on route.

  • DEKRA-certified to VDI 2700ff and DIN EN 12642 Code XL for beverage and lattice box pallets
  • Vertical, DEKRA-certified load securing beams allow you to secure the load at the rear and also perform partial asymmetric loading
  • No lateral projection when the side walls are opened on both sides and no collision with the forklift mast
  • The special design of the upper wall facilitates loading heights of up to 2,500 mm, with a mere 800 mm high lower wall
  • Smooth-running, power-saving opening mechanism, even with maximum lengths of up to 10,000 mm without middle post
  • Individual fold-out well pallet spacers integrated in the upper wall allow the width of the loading area to be narrowed for GDB well pallets
  • Aluminium components and the use of finished components provide for durable corrosion resistance


Special vehicles

Our GastroLiner can be used anywhere where a fork lift truck is not available or cannot be used. Brilliantly novel about this development are the two compartments that can be lowered to the ground from the loading space. The baskets or compartments are positioned behind the front wall of the vehicle and swing out horizontally – individually controlled – on both sides of the vehicle. Lifting or lowering is completed in about 20 seconds. Comparative tests have shown a reduction in loading times of 46% compared to longitudinal platform lifts.

Up to 16 fully picked pallets can be loaded and unloaded in a very convenient and energy-saving manner in the electro-hydraulically grounded compartments. All you need is a regular pallet truck or even just a hand truck. A driver’s mate, who still frequently accompanies deliveries to pubs, is no longer need. This powerful economic aspect adds a weightier ergonomic: loading and unloading beer kegs and crates by hand, which is so strength-sapping, is done away with, whereas, with a conventional superstructure, as much as 9,000 kg of solid material and some 4,000 kg of empties need to be lifted by hand on each delivery round.

Proven-in-series "Made in Germany" technology used over many years based on the same principle tail lifts serves for lifting the compartments. A space requirement equal to some 300 mm of the loading length means that the loading capacity is not affected.

  • GastroLiner with hydraulically lowerable loading baskets (right and left)
  • Fast and secure loading and unloading by one single driver
  • Easy to operate with a safe working position at ground-level
  • Perfect vehicle for for making deliveries to self-service consumer beverage markets and catering operations
  • Complies with the load securing requirements according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL for beverages

Large volume semi-trailer

Special vehicles

Our optimised, triple-cranked, hydraulically opening ORTEN Auto Step Star semi-trailer will soon be bringing relief to the roads in Germany. 56 PET empty pallets can be transported in one trip. The special feature of our ORTEN Auto Step Star semi-trailer is its triple-cranked frame construction with a clear interior height of 3,520 mm making it easy to transport 1.0 l PET pallets in a double-layer in a low bed. This is made possible by its extremely low design in the low bed area in front of and behind the axle. The fully hydraulic, large-volume semi-trailer which can be unhinged in seconds conveys an impressive image of the most advanced vehicle technology. No tedious opening and closing or lashing of tarpaulin elements required with the fastest possible access to the load and large loading areas for quadruple pallet fork-lift loading guaranteed.

Ecological optimisation of mineral water pallet transportation is the order of the day.

  • Maximum loading volume at a minimum weight: the Auto Step Star XXL Jumbo
  • Thanks to its built-in hydraulic power unit, the two hinged doors can be opened and closed effortlessly and quickly
  • When open, you can use the full loading length
  • The doors can also be opened when the vehicle is uncoupled
  • As many as 56 Euro or 42 well pallets can be easily stowed in the semi-trailer
  • Single, double and triple-cranked version up to a 3.5 m loading height

Automotive SafeServer

Special vehicles

The automotive industry has special requirements when it comes to handling goods as quickly as possible and securing loads. The German automotive industry is world-class, not least because of its high process optimisation.

In collaboration with the engineering company CLSI Leer, ORTEN Fahrzeugbau has developed 18 semi-trailers which we delivered to the automotive logistics company, L.I.T. Brake.

The special SafeServer semi-trailer showcased at the IAA 2012 is designed to hold a fully automatic load carrier. The load carrier can be pushed in and out of the trailer every 7 minutes using a picking carriage. The 18 semi-trailers were designed for the factory shuttle at the largest VW Group gearbox plant in Baunatal. The rear wall is comprised of a pneumatic roller door with a clear passage width of 2,480 mm between the rear corner posts. Our Safe Server technology has been enhanced in the development of these semi–trailers so that the gap between the vertical aluminium panels is reduced to zero when the body is closed and forms a smooth inner surface, as with a closed box body.

  • Fastest possible access to the load and removal of the requirement for slats/buckles/middle posts
  • Cargo control in compliance with the Daimler 9.5 Directive
  • Aluminium panels guided in ball-bearing trolleys for easy, smooth-running operation
  • 400 mm, hydro–pneumatic liftable roof design, with optional single or parallel lift possible


Special vehicles

...a mobile front wall that promises 20%-time savings when loading and unloading! Our ORTEN SprintLoader was developed in collaboration with the leading brewery, Holsten Brauerei Hamburg, a subsidiary of the Carlsberg Group Denmark.

The project that led to the development of our SprintLoader technology addressed the loading and unloading procedure for beverage pallets for transportation by fork–lift to optimise the handling speed.

Here, the front wall of the semi-trailer is designed so that it can be moved by about 90 mm to release the tight fit pallets for unloading. This significantly improves the unloading and subsequent loading process!

  • This development allows the truck turnaround time to be almost halved compared to the CurtainSider, saving 40% on opening and closing and 12% on the sliding front wall. This improvement in speed led us to christen the SafeServer with its sliding front wall the 'SprintLoader'.
  • Up to 27% in the travel distance can also be saved by combining forklifts, provided that the structure of the warehouse allows for this. Less travel means less fuel consumption and hence improved environmental protection.
  • Looking back at the introduction, each logistics manager should include the "SprintLoader" set screw in his planning considerations and wonder how much improvement it would bring to their organisation. It offers a potential that should not missed out on.
  • The SprintLoader also represents a big step forward in work safety for the driver, makes daily their work easier and fostering motivation through modern working methods.
  • The SprintLoader represents an ideal addition for companies already using a forklift guidance system, since it is immediately ready for loading again after the second lift.
  • The SprintLoader is not only used in the beverage industry, but everywhere where trucks are loaded and unloaded from the side.
  • One area that still has to be examined is using the SprintLoader for loading several partial loads, because it can considerably reduce high reloading costs when making deliveries of partial lots. The same applies to loading partial quantities in a brewery when the truck has already been loaded with other goods.
  • The sliding front wall is also available as a retrofit kit.
  • The sliding front wall can be moved 3 times, even without a tractor (compressed air).


Special vehicles

Hydraulic, maintenance-free technology allows our electro-hydraulic Hub-o-mat system to open an entire side wall construction in no more than 10 seconds. The tarpaulin, which is locked using a central locking system, is folded under the roof construction at the push of a button. The steel bars integrated into the tarpaulin for structural stability are guided by trolleys incorporated into the corner posts. Thanks to its low body weight and flexibility, our Hub-o-mat body can also be used optimally for delivery rounds. Our Hub-o-mat system represents an almost unbeatable combination, especially in conjunction with a low-frame chassis.

  • Electrically operated rollup tarpaulin body with low-maintenance drive technology.
  • The side tarpaulin construction can be opened in no more than 10 seconds – even when minimal lateral transportation space is available.
  • Superstructure length from 6.000 mm to 13,600 mm possible.
  • Ideal vehicle for delivery rounds.
  • Complies with the load securing requirements according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL for beverages and also VDI 2700ff.
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Overview of our body systems


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