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City R.O.S.

Manual rollup tarpaulins

Our City RollOpenSystem (R.O.S.) represents the weight-optimised inner-city variant of our R.O.S. Liner. The body is equipped with a rollup tarpaulin which opens manually and rolls under the roof of the body.

Maximum Payload

This lightweight, rollup tarpaulin body reduces the vehicle's tare weight and optimises the payload.

Maximum load space

When the rollup tarpaulin is opened completely, the entire surface can be used for loading and unloading, even allowing large and bulky parts to be transported. Another advantage is that the tarpaulin does not take up any of the interior cargo space.


data sheet
 CityLifterCityServerCity R.O.S
body type roller tarpaulin & swing wallsliding panels manually sliding tarpaulin
beverage certificate
draught beer certificate  
Xl certificate
roll container certificate      
ONP paper certificate      
chemistry certificate      
GS automotive industry Daimler certificate    
load dimensions (int.)      
lateral loading height (mm) 1.510 - 1.960
(a 50-line screen)
1.900 - 2.300 1.600 - 1.900
lenght (mm) 3.000 - 5.400
(without screen)
4.500 - 6.600 3.000 - 4.400
width (mm) between side walls
(without pallet stop)
2.030 - 2.470 2.480 1.640 - 2.190
customised body length available    
class of vehicle      
truck (t) 2.8 - 10 2.8 - 12 2.8 - 5
centre axle trailer (t) 3.5 / 10.5    
turnable drawbar trailer (t) 3.5 / 10.5    
semi-trailer (m)      
swap body (mm)      


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