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Hydraulic, maintenance-free technology allows our electro-hydraulic Hub-o-mat system to open an entire side wall construction in no more than 10 seconds. The tarpaulin, which is locked using a central locking system, is folded under the roof construction at the push of a button. The steel bars integrated into the tarpaulin for structural stability are guided by trolleys incorporated into the corner posts. Thanks to its low body weight and flexibility, our Hub-o-mat body can also be used optimally for delivery rounds. Our Hub-o-mat system represents an almost unbeatable combination, especially in conjunction with a low-frame chassis.

  • Electrically operated rollup tarpaulin body with low-maintenance drive technology.
  • The side tarpaulin construction can be opened in no more than 10 seconds – even when minimal lateral transportation space is available.
  • Superstructure length from 6.000 mm to 13,600 mm possible.
  • Ideal vehicle for delivery rounds.
  • Complies with the load securing requirements according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL for beverages and also VDI 2700ff.


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